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Construction Sites

Perhaps more than any other endeavor, construction sites require the ability to stay within a budget in order to be successful. A key element is the ability to minimize losses due to pilferage, vandalism and liability. Central Montana Protection Services will provide you with limited access to your work site to give our clients the best protection.

Central Montana Protection Services has great rapport with local law enforcement agencies, which allows us to work closely with them to optimize the security we provide. We understand that the biggest threats to a construction site include:

  • Liability created by trespassers

  • Work interruption due to protesters or labor conflicts

  • Vandalism

  • Theft of supplies and equipment

  • Theft of services by contractors and subcontractors

  • Fire


We analyze the risk and create a site-specific Security Operations Plan.  All of our construction site security officers comply with OSHA regulations. Depending upon your construction site security needs, in addition to our on-site professionally trained guards, we may provide any or all of the following services, in addition to our professional agents:​

  • Metric Technology, including Digital, IRIS and Facial Recognition

  • Parking lot security

  • Perimeter surveillance

  • Patrol vehicles

  • Fire Guards and Fire Safety Directors for construction sites where open flame is in use

  • Buildings mechanical systems

  • Access check points

  • Logging contractor and subcontractor hours

  • Reports of all activities at agreed upon intervals

All of this results in your construction site being well protected with Central Montana Protection Services.  Be sure to contact us for your custom analysis and quote.

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