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Retail Stores
Shopping Malls

Retail security priorities include providing a safe environment for both shoppers and employees, while reducing shrinkage resulting from shoplifting.  When your shopping center or retail store is protected by Central Montana Protection Services, we work with you to better understand your unique needs, risks and vulnerabilities.


We cooperate with your asset protection associates to develop specialized loss prevention programs to help you identify the source of your losses. We work to minimize exposure to those factors and identify the suspected perpetrators. We may deploy secret shoppers in addition to our licensed agents and technology, to directly observe employee behaviors.

 We provide CPR/AED certified officers as needed. All of our agents are trained with the proper protocol for a wide variety of emergency situations that include fire, severe weather, lock down situations, power outages and acts of terrorism.  This makes our programs among the most complete and thorough shopping center and retail store security packages available.  Central Montana Protection Services uses the latest in security technology so we can meet and exceed the needs of our shopping center and retail store clients. 

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