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  • Secured Space Specialist

  • The Secured Space Specialist (SSS) is a crucial member of our team, providing security and access control at a designated location. They work closely with executive assistants, facility and security teams, and outside vendors to ensure the security privacy of our clients' interests. We value dependable, resourceful, and personable team members, and this position is a great fit for those qualities. 


  • Secured Space Coordinator 

  • The Secured Space Coordinator (SSC) provides operational support to participate and plan executive security coverage within a small team environment. They support threat management and emergency response and will be guests' first point of contact, providing top-level customer service and developing building-specific security incident procedures. Our SSC positions work in identifying, responding to, and tracking localized threats, while ensuring close and accurate access to protected spaces. 


  • Executive Protection Specialist 

  • Our Executive Protection Specialists offer top-notch security operations support to clients, including close protection while traveling. With excellent communication skills and a proactive approach they prioritize client security and privacy. The role involves detailed planning, triage, and reporting for client operations, ensuring preparedness for unique client needs. 


  • Executive Security Agent 

  • The Executive Security Agent works as a member of a physical security team.  They are responsible for supporting threat management, and emergency response, and providing the first point of contact for guests.  The position required a high degree of customer service for executives, guests, and staff as well as experience managing projects, working in a small team environment, and sensitivity to confidential information and secured spaces.  


  • Residential Security Agent

  • The Residential Security Agent is an integral part of a security that provides security coverage at designated residences as per the client's request. Their primary responsibility is to ensure threat management, monitor the property, respond to emergencies, and act as the first point of contact for guests and deliveries. The role demands excellent customer service skills, experience in site, working in a small team, and maintaining confidentiality of client information and habits.


  • Site Security Agent 

  • The Site Security Agent serves a critical security function while maintaining a customer service-focused approach. This role maintains access control, supports incident management, assists in coordinating emergency response, and will be the first point of contact for team members’ guests.  The Agent monitors access control technology while facilitating guest visits and maintains customized security escalation procedures. Collaborative relationships with the client and local facility partners and vendors are key.   


  • Site Security Supervisor 

  • The Site Security Agent plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure while prioritizing customer service. This position is responsible for access control, incident, emergency response coordination, and serving as the initial point of contact for team members' guests. The Agent also monitors access control technology, facilitates guest visits, and follows customized security escalation procedures. Building collaborative relationships with clients, local facility partners, and vendors is essential to success in this role. 


  • Embedded Security Team Manager

  • The Embedded Security Team Manager is part of the Embedded Program Team responsible for managing a suite of employees supporting security and executive protection services.  The position will manage several small groups of employees coordinated by client and skillset to provide consistent engagement, training planning, and security solutions.  The Team Manager cooperates with colleagues to support a consistent program and trackable metrics; follows, documents, and manages program initiatives; and engages other company subject matter experts to produce training and team improvements.


  • Security Operations Coordinator 

  • The Security Operations Coordinator is responsible for assisting clients with their day-to-day physical security needs on an ad hoc and long-term basis. The Security Operations Coordinator must have a customer service mindset and will maintain responsibility for ensuring that client needs are met promptly. The coordinator will work with the Program Manager to maintain excellent client relations and will be responsible for the performance management of Concentric employees and vendors assigned to tasks. This role must be detail-oriented, as the coordinator bears responsibility for ensuring that tasks are supported, and correctly billed to the client.


  • Senior Security Operations Coordinator

  • The Senior Security Operations Coordinator will be responsible for the same duties as the Security Operations Coordinator as outlined above but will manage complex client relationships and security needs with ease. The Senior Coordinator will demonstrate the ability to act with little to no direction on a client request and may take on program management responsibilities under the supervision of the Program Manager of Security Operations. 


  • Program Manager of Security Operations 

  • The Program Manager of Security Operations is responsible for providing oversight of both our ad hoc and long-term field operations assignments. This will include helping clients implement solutions to mitigate identified risks. The program manager must maintain excellent rapport and open lines of communication regarding client needs, requests for support, service issues, and deliverables. The program manager role includes outward-facing client engagement, team and vendor management, and ensuring excellence in delivery for all of our field operations. 


  • Director of Security Operations 

The Director of Security Operations is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of our Security Operations business line. This includes managing a team of security professionals, building team processes and policies, and overseeing mitigation strategies, security products, and daily workflows on the Security Operations team. The Director role includes outward-facing client engagement, relationship management, business development, proposal writing, and supporting other strategic priorities within the company while serving as a leadership stakeholder for our goals and business objectives. 

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